Life is sweet.  And sad.  And radiant.  And bewildering.  And hopeful.

Let's capture all those lovely, vivid moments.

Live life fully.  View/See it clearly.

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The first glance is often your only chance when selling property online.

Make it love at first sight.

Give buyers beautiful images that catch their eye and invite them to come home.

Don't let them slip through your fingers.

Give buyers beautiful pictures that will have them doing double takes.

Beautiful pictures that make buyers do a double take are pivotal in making the sale.

First impressions.  Second glances. double take.

  Interest captured.

The first images your buyers see are absolutely pivotal to your online marketing

Lasting ... must have. Pivotal moments.

Make them want it.

.  You are selling your home in a constantly changing flood of digital real estate information/images. 

Make sure that your house stands out in the vast online real estate market. 

Getting Ready

Less is more:

Less dirt.

Less clutter.

More money.

A real estate photo shoot is like the ultimate open house.  Get ready for this appointment with all the zeal and obsessive attention to detail that you would use if you were about to host a dinner party for your boss.  And your mother-in-law.  And the Queen of England.  A little extra effort ahead of time will have big rewards when you sell your beautiful home at an excellent price.

Here are some important tips to make sure your home is camera-ready:

  • Clean, clean, clean.  Vacuum, dust, mop.  Remove smaller area rugs to show off flooring. Make sinks, shower doors, mirrors, and windows sparkle.  Make beds.  Close toilet lids.

  • De-clutter.  Clear counters, tables, and ledges.  Remove items such as cords, food containers, jackets, toys, remotes, refrigerator magnets, and shampoo bottles.  Even decorations should be kept to a minimum; a fresh bouquet of flowers or a bright bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen would be a perfect.  Remove exceptionally bold or potentially offensive artwork.  Clear, open spaces feel inviting and make a room feel larger. 

  • Remove personal items.  No one needs to see your toothbrush, but you should also tuck away your family photos.  Let buyers imagine themselves living in the house.

  • Boost curb appeal.  Remove dead plants, weed garden beds, plant colorful flowers, mow and edge the lawn.  Hide garbage cans, tools, and hoses.  Cars should be removed from the driveway and front of the house. 

  • Hide furry friends.  Pets are adorable, but they don't belong in your house photos.  Also make sure to tuck away beds, toys, and feeding dishes.  Use a vacuum or lint roller to remove pet hair from floors, rugs, and furniture.

  • Lights on!  Turn on all interior lights and make sure to replace any missing bulbs.  Open all blinds and curtains.  Blinds should be opened at an angle to reflect light outside.